Apparently, Ne-Yo is « So Sick » of more than just love songs. The R&B star, who took over the radio in the late ’00s with sensitive hip-hop classics like « Miss Independent, » and « Knock You Down, » hit some hard times marriage-wise. He filed for divorce from his wife, Crystal Smith, in early 2020, per The Blast. At the time, he sited the marriage as « irretrievably broken » and without hope. Poor Ne-Yo!

The pair, who have been married since 2016 and share four children, per Us Magazine, were clearly less « Closer » than they appeared. In a February 2020 interview for the podcast Private Talk with Alexis Texas, the singer respectfully acknowledged the estranged pair had been struggling for months. « There’s nothing bad to say about her; she’s a fantastic woman. She’s the mother of my children. She’s always gonna be that, and I will always respect her, » he said. Continuing, on their split: « Long story short, she’s got demons just like everyone else. Just like me. Then we realized our demons don’t mesh… » Don’t you hate when that happens?

Meanwhile, per The Blast, his wife was spotted spending time with Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Ryan Henry, while Ne-Yo was seated with some lady friends at a restaurant in Los Angeles. But surprise, surprise; the pair’s demons may be meshing after all. According to Extra, Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith never finalized their divorce and have in fact… « reconciled. » Wait, what? Read on to find out how the two patched things up. 

Ne-Yo and wife Crystal Smith are ‘stronger’ from the pandemic

So how did Ne-Yo and wife Crystal Smith work out their differences? Well, it seems all it took was a global pandemic! In a June 2020 episode of The Talk, the singer revealed that the coronavirus lockdown was a « blessing » that helped him focus less on work and fix their marriage. « Before the quarantine happened, we were definitely talking divorce, » Ne-Yo said. « And the quarantine forced us to sit still, block out the noise from the world — you know the world can get very, very loud, and we tend to let the world’s opinion mean more in certain situations than it should. » He added, « We got to that place, and that almost broke us. »

That being said, it doesn’t seem Ne-Yo and Smith got too close to that place. On March 11, 2020, when the two were still estranged (via The Blast), Smith posted a sizzling photo of herself to Instagram. She captioned the post, in which she is rocking a grey tee-shirt and picture-perfect makeup, « Character is shown when your world flips upside down. Grace is how you move after… #Solid. » Ne-Yo was reportedly quick to like the photo. Hmm.

Speaking on The Angie Martinez Show in May 2020, the chart-topper doubled down on the silver lining of COVID. « I have to give this whole COVID-19 thing a little bit of credit, » he admitted. Aw, well, we’re glad Ne-Yo and Crystal are strong again.